Water treatment

Harmopool offers two types of water treatment, including Harmo Pool Twin and Harmo Pool Duo

Automatize your water treatment

We offer both separate dosing pumps and fully equipped metering devices. Make it easy for yourself and use a fully automated metering device. The device itself performs measurements and keeps the chlorine and / or pH levels up to liquid chemicals. These intelligent water treatment control systems calculate the dosing rate based on the required amount of chemicals. These devices are somewhat more accurate because they can be calibrated with multiple products.

Each component of water treatment systems can also be purchased separately.

Harmo Pool Twin

A unique preassembled plug and play water treatment system that keeps the pool healthy and clean all year long. The easiest ready-to-install solution for every pool owner.

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Harmo Pool Duo

Fully pre-assembled salt electrolysis device with pH controller for automatic and optimal water treatment

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