Harmo Pool Duo

The Harmo Pool Duo is a pre-assembled fully automated pH and salt electrolysis equipment pre-mounted on a backplate. The entire machine is controlled by a microprocessor that allows you to digitally read the values of the pool water on a display and adjust dosing / setpoints for both pH – (or pH +) and Chlorine in different languages (Dutch – English – German – French -Spanish – Italian). The salt electrolysis Duo is manufactured by HarmoPool that guarantees the best value for your money.

The salt electrolysis minimizes the operating costs of the swimming pool by using the exact amount of chlorine and acid that your pool needs. When you use correctly, the pool water will never turn to green. Thus, it keeps your water completely clear, disinfected and at the correct pH. The product includes salt electric controller, control-box of pH and Rx, a pump and an electrolyzer. The control-box provides you an option to change between languages making this device suitable for everyone. All you have to do is connect the pool lines and place the plate in your technical space.

This fully automated salt electrolysis device will allow salt electrolysis to function for 2 minutes if the Redox is lower than the setpoint. After two minutes, salt electrolysis and pH dosage will stop, and pH and Redox will be measured again. This circle is constantly repeated.

The salt electrolysis can be tempered to 75, 50 or 25% of it’s capacity.

The unpleasant odor of a covered or uncovered pool is well-known to everyone. Harmo Pool Duo’s main goal is the perfect water treatment by saving the environment from the unpleasant smells. Thanks to Harmo Pool Duo, the water is as fresh and clean. Electrolysis is an alternative to chlorine that disinfect your water to algae and bacteria. The device converts salt into chlorine. The most common cause of metal corrosion in the pool is chlorine and chlorides. Especially, due to the low pH value, signs of corrosion can be observed on the ladder and on other parts as well. In addition, the lifetime of the pumps and other components is also significantly reduced.

Product codeZWWX7510-P
PH controlZWMX2155 Peristaltic pomp
Chlorine controlBSV salt electrolysis
ZBSX0003 = ZWMX0113-P ZBSX0004 = ZWMX0114-P
Pool connection50mm rubber
Flow switch safetyOptional
Dimension plate50 x 50 cm
Display cardHarmo pool ref ZWMX7010
Relay cardHarmo pool ref ZWMX7011