Product portfolio of HarmoPool

With our product, pool owners can keep their water safe, corrosion free and comfortable.

The company continuously aims to meet with the demand of customers, so we permit to our customers to purchase our products in full or in separate parts.


Water treatment

Harmopool offers two types of water treatment, including Harmo Pool Twin and Harmo Pool Duo.


Spa equipment
A wide selection of spa accessories for easy maintenance and enrichment of the Spa experience.

ZVZX1010 (3)

Heating systems
Harmopool offers two type of heating systems including  solar heating systems and heat pumps.


Pool control systems
[With an automatic measuring system one does not have to measure the levels of the water manually anymore.]

ZFZX1130-P (2)

Filters and Pumps
The Harmopool sand filters and pumps are perfect for easy and efficient maintenance of the swimming pool.

ZATX1331 (4)

The Harmopool tile stones are suitable for every type of swimming pool.

for swimming-pool walls and floor


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