The valves are manufactured in Belgium and can be considered of the highest quality. The gear wheels are made of steel and are practically unbreakable. Furthermore, due to its durable and high-quality materials, the valve is chlorine and salt resistant. Harmopool manufactures automatic valves, which regulates the temperature of the water it selves. The automatic valve is perfect for automating the solar heating system. The valve compares the temperature of the air with the temperature of the water. When the difference exceeds the tolerated difference, the pump regulate the temperature of the water.

Elektrische tweewegkraan beter

When is a 3-way valve needed?

The usage of an automatic 3-way valve (by-pass) is necessary in combination with solar panels. The 3-way valve regulates the water flow from the swimming pool to the solar panels. During warm days the water needs to run through the tubes in order increase the temperature, but when this occurs during cold days the water temperature will drop. The 3-way valve ensures that the water will only run through the collectors when it can increase or maintain the water temperature.

When is a 2-way valve needed?

The 2-way valve can be either used in combination with a solar heating system or an automatic pool cover. It is necessary to use another two valves when a bypass for the solar heating system needs to be created.

Product codeZVZX6042ZVZX6044ZVZX2140ZVZX2142
Type2-way2-way 3-way 3-way
Gear wheelSteelSteelSteelSteel
Connection (mm)50635063