Solar panel (EPDM)

The Harmopool solar panels are efficient, durable and easy to use. The EPDM solar panels are able to heat the swimming pool up to 6°C within a day.  Via a simple temperature control device, the entire process can be controlled automatically. Furthermore, Harmopool solar panels are guaranteed to be of high quality. The panels are manufactured in Belgium and made from frost proof EPDM rubber, which has a durability of over 10 years.

In order to heat the water, a bypass sends the water through the EPDM rolls when the temperature the panels are receiving is warmer than the water temperature. When the temperature outside is cooling down, the bypass will block the water from passing through the EPDM rolls in order to prevent the temperature of the water to drop.

The Northern European climate requires that the solar panels should cover 75 to 100 percent of the swimming pool surface. In order to obtain the right amount of sun, the solar panels are available in several sizes. The panels are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 meters long and are each 1 meter wide. The EPDM rolls can be made on request, when other sizes are desired.

The EPDM solar panels are easy to assemble and can therefore be installed without a service man. Every box contains three 33 cm wide rolls. The rolls have to be connected to one another, which creates a panel with the width of 1 meter. The panels can be attached easily with for example fastening strings or hooks. Further information regarding assemblage and installation can be found in the manual.

ZVZX1010 (1)
ZVZX1010 (3)
ZVZX1010 (2)

What is EPDM?


The solar panels are made from EPDM, which stands for:





Due to its flexibility, EPDM is resistant against frost. Furthermore, it is considered a “natural heat exchanger”. The rubber absorbs the warmth from the roof, causing it to heat up the water that runs through the tubes.

Product codeZVZX1010ZVZX1210ZVZX1220ZVZX1230ZVZX1240ZVZX1320
Product type2m x 1m3m x 1m4m x 1m5m x 1m6m x 1mCustom made
Outer length (cm)200300400500600
Outer width (cm)100100100100100
Connection (mm)50/38/3250/38/3250/38/3250/38/3250/38/32
Weight m² with water (kg)
Weight m² w/o water (kg)
UV ResistantYesYesYesYesYes
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