Heat pumps

A heat pump is one of the most economical and ecological types of heating systems. With the electrical Harmopool heat pumps, the water temperature can be regulated in order to create the perfect temperature to swim in.

Harmo PAC heat pump

The Harmo PAC heat pump can easily increase the water temperature to a maximum of 40°C.

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Harmo Powerpack heat pump

This powerful heat pump is capable of increasing the water temperature up to 35°C at a temperature of  -10°C.

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Harmo ECO

This silent heat pump is perfect for above ground pools up to 40 m³  and in ground pools up to 50 m³.

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Harmo Powerpack Wi-Fi

The Harmo Powerpack Wi-Fi is one of the most efficient heat pumps. This heat pump can operate up to a temperature of -15°C.

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