Pump 0.25 KW – 4 M³/H – Without prefilter

The pump without prefilter is perfect for up ground swimming pools. This newly designed model is equipped with a large flow and noiseless motor, meeting the growing demand for silent and durable pumps.

The Harmopool pump is simplified with 1 setting, making the pump easy to handle.

ZFPX5097 (3)
ZFPX5097 (4)
ZFPX5097 (1)

What type of pump is needed?

A pump is needed to circulate the water of the swimming pool. In order to ensure proper filtration, the pump needs to be able to circulate the whole volume of the swimming pool in 4 hours.

The flow of the pump depends on the resistance in which the water will encounter from the pump to the swimming pool. The resistance is being expressed in “discharge head” (1 bar = 10 m).

The following circumstances causes the pump to lose 1 meter per bar:

  • Per 10 m distance between pump and swimming-pool inlet 1 meter per bar is lost
  • Per 90 degree angle
  • Per meter that the pump is below the inlet of the swimming-pool inlet
  • When connected to the swimming pool solar heating unit
  • When connected to a filter
Product codeZFPX5097
Consumption 0.25
power consumption Normal
Connection (mm)50
Flow (m³/h)(mm)4
Power Supply230V