About Us

HarmoPool is a dynamic and relatively young company with great performance and technology. HarmoPool product line is part of Zwembad who specialized in importing, producing, selling and distributing a wide range of swimming pool equipment, components, accessories and cleaning utilities. This wide range includes heating system such as heat pumps and solar heating, spa equipment, water treatment and automatic pool control systems, last but not least HarmoPool offers tile stones and reel covers. All our products under the brand HarmoPool are completely made in Belgium and consist of high-quality materials.

After gaining 25 years of experience in the chemical industries, Joetron started to produce several products for swimming pools in 2009. The company continuously strives to meet the demand of the consumers by creating new ideas and developing them into high-quality and innovative products. For example, Harmopool has developed an efficient and relatively cheap method to heat the pool water by using EPDM solar panels. In 2015, the expansion of the product range has been started by developing a new automatic water treatment control system which can be found on the market from the beginning of 2017.

Harmopool has all of the products, liquids and accessories belongs to the swimming-pool which are essential for owners, besides that we also allow the purchase of separate components below the market price.

The goal of our company is first of all to satisfy our customers, therefore our product range available for each segment of customers and characterized by a high-quality and the ease of use.

Now we are present in several European countries due to the cooperation with many retailers, moreover we export to wholesalers worldwide.

Our highly qualified staff is at your complete disposal for any question, problem or suggestion.

Here, you can read more about the history of the company.