In the beginning, the owner, Rudy Peemans started building his own swimming-pool in his garden. It was followed by establishing a company selling swimming-pool accessories online in 2005.

Later on, Rudy, together with his son, Joeri, opened a new pickup and advisory centre in Belgium. This branch gave swimming pool owners even more confidence and insight into process of owning a pool safely. Thanks to that confidence, the website grew into the pioneer of the swimming pool sector. In 2012, Rudy and Joeri saw the opportunity to expand their stock and they took it with both hands. Rudy is responsible for the technical and organizational part of direction, and Joeri became the HR, purchase and marketing director.

In 2009, the light, the first self-developed product was created. This made the company the first player who delivered from factory to end customer that opened perspectives and resulted in even more European collaborations. The company continuously strives to meet the demand of the consumers by creating new ideas and developing them into high-quality and innovative products. For example, Harmopool has developed an efficient and relatively cheap method to heat the pool water by using EPDM solar panels.

In 2015, the expansion of the product range has been started by developing a new automatic water treatment control system which can be found on the market from the beginning of 2017.Various products like solar panels, swimming pool filters, pumps, bubble foils, etc. now carrying the name of the house brand Harmo Pool.